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Amano Time Recorder Singapore

Time Access International is an organisation which is reputable for marketing high level quality products and providing an unparalleled after-sales service through its well-trained and responsive sales and technical team. Time Access International is currently the Market Leader for the World Class Amano Time Recorder. Amano Japan was established in the year 1931, and has provided more than 80 years of quality products. Amano is a longstanding household name for time recorders, and Amano Corporation continues to live up to its reputation of producing products of only the best quality. 

Time Access International is the Authorised Distributor for Amano Japan in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia.  We specialise in Attendance Time Recorders, provide abundant stocks, spare parts and an unrivalled after sales service.  

Currently, we have a growing customer base of more than 20,000 in Singapore. Some of our notable clients include:

   •  Singapore Technologies Aerospace (ST Aerospace)
   •  Land Transport Authority (LTA)
   •  Government Investment Corporation (G.I.C)
   •  Burger King
   •  Hotel 81
   •  Jack’s place
   •  Kopi tiam

Predominantly, we provide World Class Amano Time Recorders. Our products range from: 

   •  Electronic Attendance Time Recorder
   •  Computerised Time Recorders - Biometric Finger Print Attendance Time Recorder, Punch Card Machines,Time Card MachinesDoor Access, Facial Recognition, Proximity, Barcode, Magnetic Card Readers.
We provide total solution for Employee Time Attendance, Door Access, Job costing, Time Management Software, Payroll Software solution all under one roof: Amano. 

In addition, we also provide higher end Time Attendance solutions like the SAP R/3 Human Resource module, which caters to a larger employee base. Some of the companies which have Amano Time Recorders linked to the SAP R/3 HR module and are running live include:

   •  Singapore Technologies Aerospace (ST Aerospace)
   •  Venture Corporation
   •  Sasco

Other products include Date and Time Stamp, Check Writers and Guard Tour Systems in Singapore and the ASEAN region.

Under the PIC grant you will receive 160% cash pay back or choose to have 400% tax deduction. Our Amano finger print and proximity attendance readers are PIC Eligible.

Time Access International is committed to providing only the highest level of quality solutions, along with an unrivalled effective after-sales service to each and every one of its clients.

Call us now at 6298 0012  |  Time Access International, 1 Tannery Road, #02-02, One Tannery, Singapore 347719  |  Fax: 6298 9436  |  Email: info@timeaccessworld.com