Guard Patrol System

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TC200 Scan Reader Download Brochure

TC200 Scan Reader

TC200 Touch checker is the most advanced Guard Tour checking system. It supports dual interface with contact I Button and non- contact RFID tag.

TC 200 guarantees the excellent resistance and convenient functions.

Some of the special features are:

  • Robust and waterproof body
    Robust and totally waterproof body made of polycarbonate can be used in all weathers or during severe shock.

  • Quick charges and long battery life
    Li-ion Battery guarantees the quick charging and long battery life.

  • Maximum 10,000 Event
    The maximum 10,000 event data can be stored in the TC100 at a time.

  • Unique Dual interface
    Checking on contact iButton and non-contact  RFID tag. Unique dual interface check button.

  • Application
    Guard tour monitoring and management of buildings and apartment houses.

    The inspection is done to prevent accidents to various facilities such as power plants, factories, railways, construction sites and etc.

    The monitoring and safety inspection performed by military and police.

    For Government, public building, university, R and D centre, Hotels, resort, shopping mall, department store, banks, convention centre, airport etc.

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