Attendance Time Management

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Attendance Time Management Software

Attendance Time Management Software

Once the reader are clocked in the employee data are stored in the reader memory. During polling the employee data are transferred from the reader to the computer. The Time and Attendance Management software at the computer will pick up the data and produce the time and attendance reports. You can choose to have the time and attendance reports from any date range e.g 1st to 10th or 1st to 31st by the whole company or individual. The attendance reports can be viewed on screen or you can choose to print a copy. Any of the time and attendance reports not found on the standard software below can be customised to your requirement. The time management software can be linked to any payroll. Below are the reports for the time and attendance 

Time and Attendance Reports

- Attendance IN an Out
- Overtime
- Lateness 
- Absentees
- Leaves


- Shift  
- Individual attendance 
- Meal 
- Transport

* Click to see simple Attendance Reports

* Click and scroll down to see a more comprehensive Attendance Reports

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