Electronic Attendance Time Recorder

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EX9000 / EX9300 Download Brochure

EX9000 / EX9300

  • Heavy duty
  • Two colour printing. To print red for late comers and early leavers.
  • Automatic column shift. The six columns can be pre-programmed to have auto shift  button for start of work, lunch, going home, overtime hours. Although it is automatic it can be override manually if need to.
  • Power reserve. Clock is able to move and print in the event of a  power failure.
  • Alarm function. Clock can be connected to a siren, causing it to ring at a pre-programmed time (eg. To alert employees of start of work time, lunch hour, overtime etc.)
  • Six column or Eight column printing. Able to record starting time In for work, Out for lunch, In from Lunch, Out to go home, In and Out for Overtime. Optional 2 additional columns (eg. For Tea break)
  • Auto Swallow. Upon the insertion of the card the machine automatically swallows and prints to the exact column of the card. Fast and efficient
  • Auto Reject. If the wrong page of the card is inserted into the machine it will automatically reject. This is to prevent overlapping printing.
  • Perpetual Calendar. Time recorder will automatically adjust date at the end of every month.
  • Self-diagnostic. Error code will appear on screen and technicians can efficiently rectify the problem for you.
  • Made in Japan.

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