Biometric, Fingerprint plus Camera Reader - PIC Eligible

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T9 Finger Print plus Camera Reader - PIC Eligible Download Brochure

T9 Finger Print plus Camera Reader - PIC Eligible

Our unique and Advance Amano Biometric Attendance finger print plus camera reader is a popular reader widely used and a sought after system by many. It caters to small, medium and big companies.The usage is suitable for all environment. It takes less than 1 sec to register. Upon registering the finger at the reader the camera takes picture of the employee. At the computer end you will see the picture of the employee registering the attendance and an attendance report. Under the PIC Grant you will enjoy 60% cash pay back or choose to have 400% tax deduction. Our Amano fingerprint readers are PIC Eligible.

What is so special about us

Finger print plus Camera.
Finger print plus camera. The benefit of the camera is it takes picture of employee upon registration of finger which act as a double security and at the same time you will be able to see picture of person registering In and Out from the attendance report.

Register 10 fingers instead of 2 or 3 fingers only. Camera to prevent buddy punching.
The Amano fingerprint plus camera reader can register 10 fingers per employee instead of others mostly 2 or 3 fingers only. In the event if the 2 or 3 fingers cannot read due to cut, injury or other reason you can use the balance of the 7 fingers. Should all the fingers cannot read you can use the key in pad to key in the employee number or use Proximity ID card as another option. Either way the camera takes picture of employee to prevent buddy punching.

Missing data or incomplete attendance data can be recovered.
Missing data or incomplete attendance data. Recoverable by second backed up storage of the reader. We have traded in problematic readers with missing or incomplete attendance data during data transfer from reader to computer resulting in missing, incomplete and inaccurate attendance report thus ending one buying problem instead of solution entailing to loss of investment and money. The recovery of the missing or incomplete attendance data from the second backed up storage gives you the full attendance report eliminating the missing data problem.

Received many repeated orders and  recommendation by clients.
Our Amano fingerprint  plus camera reader takes care of both normal and abnormal situation making it a seamless and flawless system accompanied by our unrivalled double backed up service by Time Access International and manufacturer Amano Singapore making it one of the most sought  finger print reader. We have received many repeated orders and recommendation from our clients.


Employee Data can be transferred by many means
Employee data from the reader are firstly transferred by LAN. In area where there is no network the data can be transfer by Internet - ADSL, Thumb Drive - USB, RS232C or RS485 wiring.

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