Barcode, RFID Proximity Reader- PIC Eligible

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AGX100 series ID Card Reader  *RFID Proximity ID card is PIC eligible Download Brochure

AGX100 series ID Card Reader *RFID Proximity ID card is PIC eligible

Our AGX100 series are widely use and popular. We have received many repeated orders for the AGX100 series for being a robust reader and the ability to recover missing data or lost data during transfer of data to computer. AGX100 series comes with various types of ID card readers like Proximity, Barcode or Magnetic card type.

Upon taping or swiping the card the data are stored at the reader. After polling from the computer, the Time Attendance Time Management Software takes over to produce attendance report like Attendance Time In and Out, Overtime, Lateness, Absentee, Leaves Report, Shift allowances, Individual Attendance Bonus, Meal and Transport allowances. Requirement not found listed can be customised.

Transferring of the data to computer is through LAN network. If there is no LAN network data can be transfer through direct cable RS232c or RS485.


Under the PIC grant you will receive 60% cash pay back or choose to have 400% tax deduction. Our Proximity readers are PIC eligible.

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