Why Buy from Us

1 ) Time Access International Top Amano Time Recorder Distributor in the Region (Since 2000 and Continuing).

Time Access International has been awarded the Top Distributor Award for Amano Time Recorder Products for a consecutive 11 years in the region since 2000 and continuing. You can therefore have a peace of mind in dealing with a specialised and consistent organisation, by knowing that you are dealing with the best.

2 ) More than 20,000 users in Singapore.

Time Access International has an extensive and growing customer base of more than 20,000 in Singapore, and only because we deliver what we say. Not only do our customers entrust us with the delivery of our promises, many of them also recommend our solutions to others. Some of our users include ST Aerospace, Esso, Bread Talk, LTA, Cheers etc.

3 ) Amano Japan, known for World Class Amano Time Recorders, was established in 1931 with more than 80 years of Experience.

Amano Time Recorders are world class and internationally known for excellence and high quality. Amano is a household name for time recorders with more than 80 years of experience. Users benefit from long lasting products free of problems and defects.

4 ) Time Access International Authorised Distributor for Amano Corporation Japan.

Being the Authorised Distributor, we carry an abundance of stock, provide genuine spare parts, and offer great technical support. Our customers enjoy a comfortable and worry-free experience when dealing with us.

5 ) Unrivalled After-Sales Service with Double Backup.

Together with Amano Singapore’s Hardware and Software engineers, Time Access International proudly offers unparalleled technical support and after-sales service. We are able to solve any problem all under one roof in the fastest time possible, and you will not need to seek advice from overseas manufacturers which causes unnecessary delay.

6 ) Management with more than 30 years of Experience.

We specialise in Attendance Time Recorders. There are almost no problems or situations that we have not encountered. With our experience we are able to ensure that all our dealings are smooth and hassle free, and it is always of our interest that you enjoy the best customer experience possible.

7 ) Repeated Order and Recommendation by Customer.

Not only did our customer buy from us, we have received many recommendation and repeated orders from our existing clientele, hence adding to our continually growing client base of 20,000.

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